My new Life

In my 38 , I’m thinking to do something different in my life. I’ve done many kind of business before. From Craft to restaurant, from travel agent to cookies shop. I understand how to start a business from zero, i understand how difficult to convince people for a business. I have enjoy the golden times of Bali’s business. I enjoy how easy to make money, and i also understand how difficult to make a million rupiah (usd 100) during economic crisis.

I would like to change my life. I want to be meaningful, to understand what is my purpose of life. It sound like a middle age crisis (and beleive me, i’m not in middle age crisis !:) ), but i have different passion at the moment.

I’m used to be a Profit oriented pig, try to get more and more money, expand my business rapidly. I open 1 business every year in 7 years (in a row!), and lost them some.

I start my new life by join an organization, BEDO. Bali Export Development Organization. I got 3 years experience as chairman there, and make my network grow. I don’t get paid as chairman, and i can say it take 70% of my time. But i don’t regret it.

My last 4 years, i involved in disabilities issue. My first connection in this issue when i recruit 2 blind men to produce my clove craft. Then i was introduced by Christian Fritz (founder of BEDO) to VSO.

My connection to VSO make me involve in their projects. VSO (Volounter Service Overseas) force me to see the real problems of people with disability. It make me directly involve into their project. Setting up a program, and make sure our program run as we plan it. I work a lot with people with disabilities. Their life is a slap on my face. I used to spend few hundred thousand rupiah for dinner with my friends, and many disable have to work under minimum wages because they don’t have skills.

Last month , i decide to apply as VSO volounter. It will be a 2 years placement. If i pass my test, i will be replace in development country as Asia or Africa. Most of my friend thought i’m crazy and thought i have serious depression. πŸ™‚ An email about life come from a friend, its a nice email, he try to motivate my life. He might think i give up my life. But i know what i want. Its not depression, it’s a choice. πŸ™‚

Some people choose to be rich, some people choose to be happy. You can be happy and rich, that’s what i want, of course. :). But i don’t want to give up my life only for chasing money. I want to start to be happy as soon as i can. And i want to make other people happy too. I want to have ‘meaning’ in my life.

An Australian priest told me at church’s retreat, that God have BIG plan for few people at that mass. Some people is chosen to have great meaning for others. And i want to be that one.

I’m 38 yo, I’m not married, and probably i will still single and happy. As a single, i don’t need much to make my live secure.

I have made my decision. I will work for others. If i fail to be VSO volunteer in Asia/Africa, i might go to Flores or Papua, and figure out what can i do for them.

I’m 38. And my new journey start from now.

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~ oleh jeffkristianto pada Agustus 14, 2010.

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